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My name is Benjamin Stone and I am a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer in Los Angeles.During my years spent training and working as an actor, I developed a natural interest in health and fitness.

Professionally, I have spent 1000’s of hours maintaining an athletic physique to best match my casting type, sometimes having to lose or gain weight in only a few weeks! In doing so, I have worked with some of the best trainers and pioneers in the industry, learning many different skills and trade secrets used by professional performance athletes through to physique competition models.

My passion for Health and fitness eventually led me to get certified as a Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). Beyond standardized qualifications, I am endlessly striving to further develop my skill set; Experimenting and assimilating new research on everything from biomechanics and nutrition from peer-reviewed journals through to the latest pro-athlete training techniques coming directly from the top performance sports facilities in the world.
"After being in and out of various workout classes for years I thought I'd never be happy with my body. Training with Ben was the single best decision I ever made. I never imagined i'd look better than I did 10 years ago!" - Sarah
I take the approach of maintaining total dedication to only working with the best scientifically verified techniques when devising my Athletic Body Designs training programs. I believe that the best science develops the most refined and efficient techniques, which in turn makes the most optimal programs, programs which deliver results.Learning everything there is to know about how to effect change in one’s body would take years. Moreover, keeping up to date with the latest science would be near impossible for the average person. This is why I started Athletic Body Designs.

‍I wanted people to know that no matter what physical condition they are currently in, there are techniques and strategies that can not only help them shed unwanted weight but to attain the body of their dreams! Whether it’s a model, athlete or bodybuilder's physique, it’s theirs, waiting for them.

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Want to work with one of Hollywood's top personal trainers but don't live in Los Angeles? No problem...

I train clients all over the world whereby I take complete control of your training program. Everything from your macro training strategy to your daily workout routine with customized technique tips tailored to you and your body. Together we'll get you the body you deserve.

Unless you have absolutely incredible genetics, amazing results cannot be achieved by blind determination alone or many inefficient hours spent at the gym, otherwise many more of your friends would have the physique of Ryan Reynolds or Brooklyn Decker.

What you need is a bespoke optimized program developed by a professional who does this for a living. Because guess what, all those idols that you would give anything to look like - they all have the constant help of a professional.

By following the expert guidance of knowledge-hungry practitioners like myself who can translate all the current theories and protocols into practical application, you will get a training program that is engineered from the ground up to work with your genetics and work for you.I aim to change the way in which my client’s workout, leaving them not just thinking and training like a Pro-Athlete, but with the physique of a Pro-Athlete to match.


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