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Fat it lost by sustaining a caloric deficit. Meaning your body must use more calories than you take in. This can is best achieved by maintaining a balanced diet in congruence with a specific periodized fat loss training program. One of Athletic Body Design’s main focus is to get average people, i.e non endurance athletes off the prescription of long steady state cardio. Jogging multiple times a week for longer than 30 mins can be detrimental to one’s overall goals. Too much long distance running can actually change the molecule make up of one’s muscles, as they adapt to use less calories, allowing one to run longer.


Unfortunately this results in smaller weaker muscles that also use less calories, meaning one has to run even longer to burn the same amount of calories as before, and eat less because their body needs less calories to survive. This is not to say long distance running doesn’t have a place in an ABD program, it just must be balanced with other modalities of aerobic training in a way that complements all areas of the program.


An ABD program focussing on fat loss will include:


  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Circuit weight training
  • Compound Resistance training