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Crossfit, you LIED to me.

Crossfit is a phenomenon, it has its loyal followers who swear by it and will defend it to their death. There’s no question, it’s fun, it’s tough and it definitely gives you a great workout leaving you sore(in a good way) and feeling very accomplished. If…

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Sleep like a HERO… and loose fat

So, you’re eating healthy, exercising frequently and optimally, and for some reason you are still not seeing any significant reduction in excess body fat? Or the gain in muscle mass, you had expected after all those gladiator-like workout sessions?   You are not alone.  …

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Top 4 Workout Myths

Writing a list of all the myths associated with fitness and working out could take forever. For now I’ll start with the 4 most common. These myths have be debunked time and time again, but somehow they still live on… #1 Ab training will reduce…

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Can you FEEL your muscles working?

One of the most vital factors for muscle building – that is barely mentioned in mainstream articles – is optimal muscle contraction. Why is this simple factor never stressed? Maybe because it’s neither a sexy new technique, nor an intense shortcut, but a simple fundamental element of every…

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The ‘Secret’ to building muscle

As humans we’ve evolved pretty well. I say PRETTY well – I have my gripes. But for the most part we have adapted and evolved to meet the demands of daily living and survival.   So you want to lose weight? build muscle? Cool. Tell…

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