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Feed muscles and lose fat with the right foods

When people think of workout programs they usually don’t include Nutrition. However whatever your goals, building muscle, losing fat, athletic conditioning etc a synergistic nutrition plan is as important as the training itself. Especially as a beginner, improving a poor diet can vastly improve the effectiveness of any training program. If you don’t have a copacetic diet, 80% of your effort is being wasted. Imagine building your dream car and then putting the wrong type of fuel in it!


Diet contributes to 75% of all fat loss.
Diet contributes to 80% of muscle gains.


As with all aspects of Athletic Body Designs, specificity is the key. Unfortunately unlike ABD personal training sessions, we can not be with you every time you eat! We can however devise a detailed optimal nutrition plan that will give your body the appropriate fuel to reach your goals. There are simple easy dietary changes that can be implemented immediately as well as far more advanced dietary specifics that take more preparation, effort and even financial expense. How strict the diet plan is depends on your comfort level and commitment. However this level of detail is only really needed with professional athletes, physique models and actors who need to change the body drastically in a short period of time.

Striving to attain the perfect diet for a particular goal can be a lifelong journey. Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice and not a temporary diet ‘fix’ and is best initiated incrementally. Ultimately each person’s metabolism and nutritional needs are unique and what might be optimal for some might not be appropriate for someone else.  ABD’s experience and knowledge allows us to avoid the guesswork and provide a plan that’s, optimal, easy and tasty!