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Pack on hard, quality, lean muscle

How do celebrities’ build muscle and lose weight so fast? What do we celebrity personal trainer s know that others don’t? Well we don’t cut corners and we give our clients the most optimal training plan possible. New muscle is formed when your existing muscles are overloaded. The body has to adapt to meet the new stress being thrust upon it and therefore is told to produce more muscle.


The take away from this is that unless you are an absolute beginner, body weight exercises will not be enough on there own to build new muscle, at least not in an effective and time efficient way. It also means that workouts with a heavy focus on circuit training too will be more geared to fat loss and not the best way to create and increase new muscle fibres. This doesn’t mean that you have to lift heavy weights, your muscles don’t know how much weight you’ve picked up, it only feels the tension within it as a result of you contracting that muscle to pick up the weight. This is why technique, and neuro-muscular connection, and numerous other ABD principles are incredibly important, and a main focus of any ABD program.